About me and my hats…

I live in Italy and I make hats in my atelier.

Why I love hats? Because the hat can make you a dream, the hat reveals your personality and your character every day, but every day a hat makes you different, unique.


One of a kind or hats ready to ship, I create hats for a unique people, for a your personality. 

A handmade hat talks about you, your dreams, your character, your life, what you want to be.

A handmade hat is born to last a long time, with you, every day.

So I use only the finest quality materials.

Felt and straw are steamed and placed on wodden block,  they are measured, brushed, dried for many days.

Every details, the edge of the brim, sweatbands, trims, ribbon, feathers are hand sewn.

And this hat is unique, always.

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